Expense document management convenient!

Tsekk.ee helps you gather your expense documents, digitize and send them on their way to your accounting software. Automatically. And retain them for 7 years!

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  • Benefits for the business owner

    • Expense documents can easily be forwarded using our phone app
    • Expense documents can later be viewed at any time (for example for warranty purposes)
    • Gain better control over costs of employees
    • Your accounts better reflect the current state
    • Your accountant can be more effecient

  • Benefits for the accountant

    • Accountants don´t have to manually input data off of receipts
    • No need to sort receipts
    • Receipts are archived on tsekk.ee
    • Receipts don´t fade over time
    • No need to correct reports submitted to the tax authority due to missing receipts
    • Integrations with most popular accounting software providers

  • Benefits for the cost submitter

    • Fast reimbursement of costs
    • Automatic report generation
    • No need to collect receipts anymore

Tsekk.ee will save your accountant 75% of time spent on managing expense documents

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